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For Bees

Design Brief

The challenge of this project was to design a package that interacts with the product. The purpose of this interaction was to deliver added value to the consumer


For the solution, I created Seeds for Bees. Seeds for Bees is a company that sells seeds that grow into flowers for pollinators. The hexagonal shape and color were intended to look like a honeycomb. When the package is open, the consumer can see the leaves of the flower hugging the seeds. To take the seeds out, the consumer must pull the leaves back one by one which creates an interaction. When the package is laid flat, it reveals a scene of the flower that the seeds will grow along with the bees circulating it.



Crayonette DJR

Euphemia UCAS

Handsome Pro

Color Palette

Die Cuts

For the die cut, I chose to create a hexagonal shape to represent a honey comb. To the left, was the first die cut I created. Since my packaging was going to be for seeds, the die cut was ineffective. It created too much space for the small seed packet. To the right, is the final die cut. I shortened the sides to create a better ratio.


For the top of the box, I created various variations. I played with typeface, composition, as well as the tone of the colors.

Final Composition

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