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Flash Back


Design Brief

The challenge was to create a compelling unboxing experience for consumers. The goal of the unboxing experience was to bring excitement to the consumer by unboxing individual products within the outer box. This goal has the potential for the consumer to share to others, create videos about the experience, and order future products from the company.


For the solution, I created a one-time subscription box called, Flash Back. Flash Back is for individuals who love to capture moments through film cameras. When purchased, this box includes four other boxes: a camera, wristlet, album, and gel pens. A postcard and stickers are also included. The product can be seen as a starter kit to taking photos and making memories. When finished, the outer box can function as storage for other trinkets. 



Roundy Rainbows

All Round Gothic

Color PaletTe

Logo Design

For the logo, I decided on the company name, Flash Back. Flash was for the flash in a camera and back stood for looking back at the memories. I decided on two versions and created different iterations. The group on the right was the more successful approach. In addition, I added 5 lines on top of the l in symbolism of the effect a camera flash makes. I also extended the leg of the h into a smile with the word, “back,” inside.

Final Logo


Camera Designs

Die Cuts

Packaging Designs

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